Sevenwaters Forest 

Lord Colum


Sevenwaters Brothers + Sean:

Liam; Diarmid; Cormack/Conor; Finbar; Padriac; Sean        (In remodeling – Polls are closed)

Cormack and Conor (Cormack and Conor are twins, so technically they could be played by the same actor)






Clodagh/Deirdre (Deirdre and Clodagh are  twins, so technically they could be played by the same actress)




Father Brien


Seamus Redbeard






Inis Eala








Bran’s Men

Other World

Lady Oonagh

Deirdre of the Forest

Mac Dara








Lady Anne

Richard of Northwoods

Edwin of Northwoods

On board Freyja




46 Responses to “Sevenwaters”

  1. imogeen poots as Fainne would be perfect

  2. I think Juno Temple would make a great Clodagh – think of her in Atonement, but now much older and prettier.

  3. Can you add Karl Urban as Bran? I always pictured him as Bran, mainly because of his intensity and I think he would look awesome covered in Tats!

  4. Felix doesn’t have a page yet? I have a suggestion to play him! 😀

    Jesse Eisenberg

  5. I have another guy to suggest, but I’m not sure if I mentioned him already or not, his name is Adam Gregory, and I can’t make up my mind for which role I should suggest him for, I think he could be a nice Cathal (somehow he looks like the very-proud-stubborn-teasing type), but he has beautiful blue eyes that should not be wasted, so you figure it out quigui :p

    • I can see a Liam or a Sean in there. I’ll add him to Cathal as well (even though people keep forgeting that his eyes are dark!).

      And I probably will be redoing the brothers page. Maybe each will have a separate page (except for Conor and Cormack, of course). Going to be a lot of work though…

      • I know his eyes are dark! lol! really I do (he’s tall, dark and mean, I could never forget that xD) but the eyes and the hair color are the least of our worries at this point, even though I reckon voters usually go for the person who already has the looks for a certain character.
        You’re very picky today quigui, you never complained about Armitage’s clear eyes, and he is everyone’s favourite for Mac Dara – see? see? gotcha!

        A page for each brother? Oh, dear.

        • I know, but Armitage is a special case. He could be cast as Red and not even you could click the “No”.

          I tend to have this crazy ideas that give too much work. But it’s much easier to have the polls for the brothers in the same Yes/No/Maybe format as the others, especially to figure out who is in the lead.

        • Now that you mention it, he would be a fine older-Son-of-the-Shadows, Red *.*

          You do that, then xD

        • (Although I rather NOT think about Son of the Shadows’ Red)

  6. Bella Heathcote:

    For…well, with the right hair, almost every lead female role.

    And Astrid Berges-Frisbey:
    Maybe for Tuala and Sibeal.

  7. Another cute young man, Travis Caldwell

    Sevenwaters brother, Felix, and I would say Bridei too.

  8. For Cathal – Johnny Whitworth:

  9. Someone look at this guy, please: Guri Weinberg

    He has the most expressive face I’ve seen in a while…look at his eyes *.* but I can’t give him a role… perhaps Conor, although he looks like he could be a great villain… I don’t know, he just needs to be casted.

    (Can’t believe I’m saying this but he reminds me of Armitage…somehow *.* it’s mostly the eyes, and the nose)

  10. quigui…where’s Evan? 😮

    I have 2 suggestions for that role,

    1- Don’t-drown-in-your-own-drool-when-looking-at-him-Jesse Williams:

    2- Bow Wow:

  11. Do you think there’s a character for Ruud Jolie – Within Temptation’s guitarist??
    He’s so cute (okay… gorgeous :P):

  12. I have Nathaniel Parker in my list but don’t have a role for him 😦
    Magnus?! Lord Collum?! Have no idea… do you have any suggestions??? I’m sure he would be great as a JM character ^_^

  13. Do you remember young Elizabeth Swann in “Pirates of the Caribbean”? Well, the child as grown up to be a beautiful young woman named Lucinda Dryzek.

    I think she could play almost every female character – actually, I’ve added her name to almost every single role.

    See?! She’s all grown up!!

    PS: I have a “gigantic” list of names to suggest! I’ll try to give it to you slowly by writing one or two names each day! Don’t get tired of me, please 😛

  14. What about Will “Freaking Awesome” Smith for Gull or Evan???

    He has been on my mind for quite some time now and I’ve never took a step forward to suggest him – he’s one of those actors I simply adore ^_^

  15. Oliver Ackland (when he had curls) would be perfect for Simon from Britain

  16. EMILIA CLARKE would be perfect as Sorcha or Liadan, she has dark hair, bright eyes, is small and she is lovely. She plays Daenerys on game of thrones.

  17. Also Ellen Page is very lovely too! She played in Inception and was earlier nominated for an oscar.

  18. Have you guys ever thought of Henry Cavill as Bran? He has the right hair and build for Bran I think

  19. anyone got any suggestions for Maeve?

    • I’ve got nothing for Maeve, but as you can see the site is severely under maintained – I have yet to make a page for her, or for any of the characters in Flame (and Shadowfell series)

  20. Lauren Mcknight is the best person to portray Sorcha in the Sevenwaters series. She really looks the part in her role as Lizard in Once upon in Wonderland and especially during her makeover when she made her wishes.

  21. Luke Evans as Cathal or even Bran!!

  22. When you do a page for the Shadowfell books, could you include Theo James for the role of Flint aka Owen Swift-sword?


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