“Sibeal was the odd one out; dark, like her eldest sister, and quiet. And she had very strange eyes, clear, colorless eyes that seemed to look beyond the surface of things.”

From Child of the Prophecy

“I picture her deep in slumber, the clear eyes closed, the sweet mouth in repose. Her dark hair rippling down across the covers that blanket her slight form.”

From Seer of Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 3.July.2011

Alexandra Daddario
Alison Brie
Amanda Leighton
*New*Astrid Berges-Frisbey
*New*Bella Heathcote
*New*Cameron Protzman
*New*Chloe Moretz
Georgie Henley
*New*Lucinda Dryzek
Natalie Dreyfuss
Ophelia Lovibond
*New*Saoirse Ronan

13 Comments to “Sibeal”

  1. The first grown up Sibeal! – Alison Brie:

  2. Young Sibeal or young Sorcha:

    Cameron Protzman

  3. A young Olivia Hussey comes to mind (think Romeo and Juliet)

  4. Idk how much she can look the part (though she has the eyes) but I think Saoirse Ronan (who is Irish btw and very talented) really embodies Sibeal in her air of maturity and quiet strength.

  5. Whoever plays Sorcha could arguably also play Sibeal. I’ve always imagined Sibeal to look more like Sorcha than Liadan would.

  6. Jordan Van Vranken for Sibeal.

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