Lord Colum

Lord Colum:

He was a man of solid build and stern appearance, and everything about him spoke of discipline. He dressed plainly; still, there was something about him that told you, instantly, that he was a leader. He wore his brown hair tied tightly back.

For an instant, his dark, deep-set eyes met mine […]

From Daughter of the Forest

Last Updated: 18.March.2012

Aidan Quinn
Clive Owen
Colin Firth
Eric Bana
Eric Roberts
Franco Nero
Gabriel Byrne
Gary Oldman
Gerard Butler
Hugh Jackman
Joaquin Phoenix
Liam Neeson
Mark Harmon
Nathaniel Parker
*New*Richard Armitage
Russell Crowe
Sam Neill
*New*Sean Bean
Stellan Skarsgård
Tim Guinee

Discarded Suggestions:
Andy Garcia
Daniel Craig
Iain Glen
Stuart Townsend

8 Comments to “Lord Colum”

  1. maybe Eddie Redmayne as Red.

  2. Just remembered that I wanted to suggest this actor -since we went to see Letters to Juliet-, as Lord Colum -he plays that guy everyone is trying to find in the movie 😀

    Franco Nero:

  3. I thought about Andy Garcia:

    Also for Mac Dara or Magnus ^_^

  4. I think Ian McShane would be a goo choice.

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