Lady Anne

Lady Anne:

“Her face was round and soft under the delicate lawn of her veil; there was a network of fine lines around eyes and mouth. Small curls of hair escaped the headdress and showed a faded gold. She had once had hair the color of her younger son; and her eyes were the same bright periwinkle blue.”

From Daughter of the Forest

Last Updated: 18.August.2010

*New*Blair Brown
*New*Blythe Danner
*New*Diana Scarwid
*New*Elizabeth McGovern
Glenn Close
Helen Mirren
Judi Dench
Julie Christie
Julie Walters
*New*Mary McDonnell
Miranda Richardson
Vanessa Redgrave

3 Comments to “Lady Anne”

  1. I saw this lady the other day as a guest actor on Criminal Minds, and thought she had an amazing set of blue eyes, plus, a somewhat royal pose, perfect to portrait Lady Anne.
    Her name is Diana Scarwid:

  2. and another one,

    Mary McDonnell:

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