About the Site:
This is purely a fun and speculative site: a group of fans decided to cast the actors for a (very) hypothetical film based on Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters Trilogy. Obviously it then spread to the other books.

Between different sites, forums and discussion boards a lot of suggestions were made. Here is a way to vote on some of the suggestions.

About voting:
Polls are blocked to multiple votes – this means only the first vote in each poll is counted, so choose wisely. This block is lifted every month so, if you want to, you can come back to vote again.

About updates, suggesting actors and discarded suggestions:
Everyone has their own ideas about who should play each character. At Casting Sevenwaters we take any suggestion and put them up for voting. To suggest your ideas simply leave a comment in the character’s post (or any other post as long as you say to which character it is). Once in a while there are updates to the characters’ pages, and these new suggestions can also be voted on.

But sadly not everyone agrees on the perfect actors so, if there are enough “No” votes (and not enough “Yes” and “Maybe”), these suggestions are discarded. You can find all the discarded suggestions here.

About the leaderboards:
So, who is in the lead for Sorcha? And Red? This site wouldn’t be half the fun if we couldn’t find out who everyone thinks is perfect for a role. The Top 5 for each role can be found here and for the couples of each book we have a lovely Couples Top where you can see the couple side by side (pictures, we are talking pictures!).

These pages don’t have that many updates (and for that we are sorry), but gathering the results is mostly grunt work – going through all the polls (we are talking about more than 1000), and getting all the results, one by one, into a spreadsheet. But if you really want to know about a specific character, just ask, and we’ll let you know.

About the Tags:
Tags beginning with A: mean that is an actor or actress.
Tags beginning with C: mean that is a character.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1 – Is there going to be a Sevenwaters movie?
Sadly, there has been no hint of such thing. But we can hope, can’t we? And besides, we are giving the guys at Hollywood part of their work for free 😛

Any more questions? Asked them here.

One Comment to “About”

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