“The wait seemed endless, but was maybe not so long; the dark head became less like that of a sea creature and more identifiably that of a man, and the strong rhythmic movement of thin brown arms could be seen through the swell, and the pallor of the face, and the dark eyes filled with grim determination.”

From Child of the Prophecy

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

Adam Brody
Alexander Rodriguez
Andrew Garfield
Ben Whishaw
Brandon Colby Cook
Brian Kubach
Bryce Langston
Charlie Cox
Craig Horner
Emile Hirsch
Jack Huston
James Franco
Jay Baruchel
Jim Sturgess
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Jackson
John Patrick Amedori
Josh Hutcherson
Julian Morris
Lucas Babin
Luke Grimes
Luke Pasqualino
Miles Szanto
Nick Steele
Oliver James
Patrick Nuo
*New*Sam Claflin
Shia LaBeouf
Steven Strait
Trevor Blumas

Discarded Suggestions:
Andrew Lee Potts
Skeet Ulrich
Stephen Dorff
Vincent Kartheiser

9 Comments to “Darragh”

  1. People are going to kill me – ’cause he has like 60% “no” votes – but Jay Baruchel in that pic is my Darragh 😛

    Amazing how I find myself clicking “no” in certain actors that I suggested – looking at them now makes me realise that some are just not suitable enough for the roles ^_^

  2. Craig Horner is my picture of Darragh.

  3. Ben Whishaw is the guy 😀

  4. I’m watching this guy on a movie right now, Trevor Blumas: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm648971520/nm0089720

    (maybe for Costi too!)

  5. How about Sam Clafin?

  6. I’d like to suggest Daniel Portman from Game of Thrones!

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