“Long nose, wide mouth, a dusting of freckles on pale skin, a firmly set jaw, and under the dark hair tangling on his brow, eyes like clear water of an unfathomable depth. That was Finbar.”

From Daughter of the Forest

“But it was not the sudden fright of the encounter that made my heart thump now. It was not the similarity this man bore to my uncle Sean, and to Liadan, with his long pale face and shock of wild dark hair, his slender, upright form and neat, clever features. Nor was it his ragged robe, his tattered cloak, his unshod feet that shocked me. It was the wing he bore in place of his left arm; a great shining thing, a gleaming swath of gold and pink and cream in the lantern light.”

From Child of the Prophecy

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

Aaron Johnson
Adam Lamberg
Andrew VanWyngarden
*not an actor*
*New*Adrien Brody
*older Finbar*
*New*Anton Yelchin
Arthur Darvill
Asa Butterfield
*young Finbar*
Beau Mirchoff
Ben Barnes
Benedict Cumberbatch
Billy Boyd
Brendan Hines
Chace Crawford
Christopher Sowers
Cillian Murphy
*older Finbar*
Colin Morgan
Dalton O’Dell
Freddie Highmore
Garrett Hedlund
Hugh Dancy
James McAvoy
*New*Jamie Dornan
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Tucker
Josh Peck
Justin Chatwin
Keegan Allen
Kodi Smit-Mcphee
*young Finbar*
Liam Aiken
Logan Lerman
Matt Dallas
Matthew Goode
Michael Bolten
Nick Eversman
Patrick Fugit
Peter Facinelli
*New*Robert Pattinson
Robert Sheehan
Rupert Friend
Ryan Devlin
Ryan Hayward
Sean Harmon
Stephen Moyer
*older Finbar*
Thomas Sangster
Tom Payne
Travis Caldwell
Tyron Leitso
Vincent Kartheiser

Discarded Suggestions:
Al Weaver
Drew Fuller
Greg Vaughan
Ioan Gruffudd
Jamie Bamber
Matt Lanter
Matthew Morrison


6 Comments to “Finbar”

  1. I think Adrian Brody would be great for an older Finbar 😀

  2. Logan Lerman is the hottest Jewish boy ever.

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