“We were the two who inherited her curling, wild hair. I had her green eyes […]”

“Their red jewel eyes were on me as I looked at my reflection. Small, skinny, pale. Untidy mop of dark curls, roughly tied back. Neat nose, wide mouth, defiant green eyes.”

From Daughter of the Forest

Last Updated: 12.October.2013

Alexa Davalos
Alexandra Daddario
Alexis Bledel
Amanda Leighton
*New*Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Bella Heathcote
Cameron Protzman
Chloe Moretz
Christina Ricci
Emilia Clarke
<Emily Browning
Emma Watson
Eva Green
Felicity Jones
Gabrielle Miller
*New*Hailee Steinfeld
India Eisley
Jessica Brown-Findlay
Jessica Lowndes
Jessica Szohr
Jodelle Ferland
Kacey Rohl
Katie McGrath
Katie Melua
Liv Tyler
Lyndsy Fonseca
Natalia Dyer
Natalie Dreyfuss
Natalie Portman
*New*Olivia Wilde
Rachel Weisz
Older Sorcha

Discarded Suggestions:
Annie Wersching
Abigail Breslin
Anna Sophia Robb
Camilla Bell
Claudia Black
Elizabeth Nicole
Ellen Page
Emma Stone
Eve Hewson
Gemma Arterton
Jennifer Connelly
Kaya Scodelario
Lena Headey
Lucinda Dryzek
Lucy Hale
Megan Fox
Monica Keena
Moya O’Connell
Ophelia Lovibond
Phoebe Tonkin
Rena Sofer
Rose McIver
Sara Paxton

41 Comments to “Sorcha”

  1. How about Katie Melua? She’s got the curly dark hair and big green eyes.

  2. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

  3. How about Claudia Black as an older Sorcha in the second book?

  4. Natalie Portman would be perfect playing Sorcha. She fits the the description exept for the eye color.

    • For a time she was in the lead for the role. But the problem with the major character is that people can’t agree on who should play them, so the ones that are “winning” are always changing.

  5. I thought AnnaSophia Robb was a really weird suggestion at first, but when I got to looking at her….she’d make a GREAT Sorcha. A quick dye job would be all she needs, really. But I can really *see* Sorcha in her face.

  6. the great thing about jennifier connelly is that she still looks hot eventhough she is already a bit old these days ‘

  7. Jen connelly is the actress that i have a huge crush. here eyes are really very pretty ”:

  8. I have some new suggestions for Sorcha…

    * Chloe Moretz (I think I suggested her for so many roles… she’s so amazing… but for Sevenwaters I thought Sorcha and Sibeal – not from Seer, but from Heir – haven’t read Seer yet 😦 ):

    * Kacey Rohl (another actress that I’ve found out of nowhere and that I think can play almost any role. In Sevenwaters Sorcha & Liadan):

    PS: I’ve missed this. Been busy lately but I’ll never forget to share some names.
    PS2: I’ve updated my site with some new suggestions and some names with no role. I’ve also added some ideas you’ve added…
    Nevertheless, I’ll leave the lists here if you don’t mind 😉
    God, I’ve been missing so many things :S

    • Hello Ner!

      Yeah, Chloe is extremely cute and lovely, she’ll grow up to be a classic beauty, I think. She could go to the Eile pile also.

      Kacey has hypnotic eyes, I can see Tuala in there!

      • Thanks Carla ^_^

        Yes, Chloe is going to be a classic beauty… she’s already amazing at the age of 13 (I think its 13).
        Actually, Eile was my first pick for her. But, as I mentioned before, I’ve suggested her for almost every lead female role… I just couldn’t stop *blushes* She would rock playing any Juliet’s character 😛
        I also thought about Jena/Paula or any other Wildwood sister for her – Paula was my second pick though 😉

        Kacey was suggested for Tuala first but then, as I kept checking the list of roles… well…I was just adding her name (a bit like Chloe I guess).
        I also thought Nessa or Paula (or any other Wildwood sister though she looks more like Paula to me).

        Now that I’m slightly back (there might be somedays that I’m not going to be able to come here), you will get tired of me 😛

  9. This site is great. I just thought of someone for Sorcha – what about Abigail Breslin? A dye job and some contacts needed, but she’s a decent actress and could manage it, I think.

  10. Eve Hewson (Bono’s daughter!):

  11. okay, so I made a Anna Sophia Robb with curly dark hair, want to see? 😀 (unfortunately I can’t change the eyebrows color)


    and Amanda Seyfried with the Tuala look:

    this is so much fun xD okay, I’m going to stop now.

  12. Annie Wersching as older Sorcha and Cameron Protzman as Younger.

  13. I noticed that WordPress charges a fee for you to make changes to your blog and blogspot doesn’t..But does wordpress have some other advantage over google’s blogspot that I’m missing?.

  14. Came across a great suggestion on deviantart today for Sibeal, but I think she would work for Sorcha too: Natalia Dyer
    Don’t know anything about her acting ability though.

    The problem with a lot of these actresses is that they not only have to have the right face, but they also need the right build. Sorcha is tiny!

  15. She’s here somewhere already, but she’s not suggested as Sorcha, and I think she should be, Emily Browning: (saw a movie with her today xD)

  16. I know it’s weird to think of her in any role but Hermione, but I think that Emma Watson could be really good! She has the spunk and with a dye job could definitely pull off the look 🙂

  17. how about emma stone? she’s got the green eyes! though she has such a playful vibe

  18. OOH or christina ricci? she’s got humongous eyes, though they’re more a mossy green-brown. she could wear enhancing contacts though!

  19. For Sorcha I say Olivia Wilde.

  20. Just had a great idea….Hailee Steinfeld!

  21. People, I’m not good in suggesting stuff, but I would discard mostly all of this suggestions for Sorcha. I mean, in the books, isn’t she small, slender, fragile with big owl like green eyes? I’m not even talking about the hair, since it can be dyed or just use a wig.. But all these are very grown women, not at all fitting the description..

  22. It will be so hard to find the perfect Sorcha 😳

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