“He was an ordinary enough sort of fellow, pleasant-featured, shortish but strongly built, his curling brown hair severely cropped. He turned slightly, and I saw to my surprise the markings on his face, a delicately incised pattern of some subtlety which encircled one eye and swirled boldly onto brow and cheek. It was very fine work; there was a slight suggestion of beak, and feathers, no more. “

From Child of the Prophecy

“It was easy to like Johnny. He was a sturdily built young man with close-cropped brown hair, steady gray eyes and a swirl of facial tattooing that was subtly suggestive of a raven’s plumage.”

From Heir to Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 7.September.2011

Brendan Fehr
Channing Tatum
Chris O’Donnell
Ciaran Griffiths
Clive Standen
Colin Egglesfield
Ian Somerhalder
Jason Berh
*New*Jamie Bamber
Matthew Fox
Peter Facinaelli
Steven Strait
Tom Welling
Wentworth Miller
Zachary Knighton

Discarded Suggestions:
Andy Whitfield
David Boreanaz
Matthew Goode


2 Comments to “Johnny”

  1. i like chaning tatum because he has a great body, just look at those chest muscles .:’

  2. Jamie Bamber!

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