“A young man sat there writing. Chestnut hair over his shoulders; eyes like deep water under evening sky. A thin, strong-jawed face, a straight nose, a generous mouth.”

“Once or twice I looked up and found his eyes on me, and what was in them filled me with joy and sorrow both at once. Sometimes I watched him without his being aware of it. I found myself memorizing his features, the strong jaw, the straight nose, the chestnut hair, pleasing even in its current salt-crusted, unkempt state, the deep lake-blue eyes, like those of a sage in an old tale . . . And when he looked up and saw me watching, he smiled.”

From Seer of Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 10.July.2011

*New*Ben Bledsoe
*New*Dustin Milligan
Garrett Hedlund
*New*Gregg Sulkin
Jesse Eisenberg
*New*Nick Eversman
*New*Nolan Gerard Funk
*New*Patrick J. Adams
*New*Travis Caldwell
*New*Travis Turner
Vincent Kartheiser
*New*Zac Efron

17 Comments to “Felix”

  1. another one, he looks geeky and cute (it’s the dimple…)
    Gregg Sulkin

  2. I was looking at the sevenwaters brothers page and thought Nick Eversman would be a very nice Felix, he looks very vulnerable, besides being cute http://tinyurl.com/5tsr82d

  3. Patrick J. Adams: (yes, he has been casted before, as Eyvind. I saw him on Lie To Me today. He’s very cute.)


  4. Wait, wait, let me rephrase that:

    Zac. Efron.

  5. Now that I’m – finally – reading “Seer”, I can contribute with my suggestions *grins*

    When I’ve began reading, my idea of Felix was immediately Beau Mirchoff (already suggested for other roles):

  6. Sorry nagging you again but my mum just entered my room saying she pictured Felix as Mel Gibson in Braveheart
    (is it just me or did she just pictured him a bit old??? Mum, you’re crazy :P)

    Mel Gibson in Braveheart:

  7. I like Mirchoff but Mel is obviously too old for the part, maybe he has a son who looks like him (and acts!)xD

    I have another one, Oliver Jackson-Cohen http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2719825/ he’s the guy who plays Prince William in the tv series about Will and Kate.

    and another one: Zach Roerig http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4289103616/nm1813534

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