Mac Dara

Mac Dara:

“The voice was deep and dark.”

“The man who now stood between the guards was tall, lean, dark-haired, clad in a sweeping black cloak. It was Cathal. […] For a moment I stood paralysed with shock, and then I saw that it was not Cathal but that other man, the one in the vision. They were very alike, but this man was taller, and although he looked young, no more than five and twenty, his eyes were old. They were the eyes of a man who had seen so much of sorrow and loss, of cruelty and trickery and heartbreak, that nothing much mattered to him any more.”

From Heir to Sevenwaters

Jason Isaacs
Jim Caviezel
John Barrowman
Matthew Goode
Michael Fassbender
Richard Armitage
Sean Bean
Stephen Moyer

12 Comments to “Mac Dara”

  1. Well this one is a no-brainer…Armitage: YES! YES! YES! FREAKING YES! :D~

    • You know what is funny? He is supposed to be like Cathal, yet none of the suggestions are in both characters.

      It’s hard to say no to Armitage, I would say it’s nearly impossible 🙂

      • No, no, but he can’t be Cathal…it would take all my strength but I think I would say no (ok, I would say maybe xD)…I’d say yes if the actress casted as Clodagh was let’s least my age xD (she’s what in the book? 17?18?)

        • they look alike but the actor that plays Mac dara doesn´t have to play Cathal too.
          As a young woman of about that age I wouldn´t have any problem having Richard as Cathal ❤

  2. Richard Armitage. Wow. That character description is just like him!

  3. When will Hollywood realize that Jim Caviezel
    can’t act? Widening ones eyes does not show range of emotion! Not even a little bit.

    :is still mad about ‘The Prisioner’:

  4. This one is difficult for me ’cause Mac Dara, in my opinion, is a very attractive, evil, sexy men and there are a few suggestions that would be excellent for Mac Dara (yes, I’m talking Armitage, John Barrowman and Sean Bean – these 3 are my favourites and in this order) 😛

    Of course there’s the situation Marta mentioned – the fact that he’s supposed to be like Cathal ’cause Clodagh more than once thinks Mac Dara “is” Cathal. And all the actors choosen for Cathal have nothing in common with this list of actors

    But for me that’s minor ’cause in a movie (hypothetically speaking) those things can be rearrange with a little bit of make-up or even special-effects, hopefully xD

  5. Richard Armitage was born to play parts such as this. He’s perfect – and perfectly gorgeous! Nobody plays big, bad, beautiful and misunderstood better than him. Absolutely Yeessss!!! Yum!

  6. MacDara and Cathal should be played by the same actor.
    They’re father and son, but they look like twins (because MacDara is an immortal

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