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July 28, 2010



“The broad, leather-clad shoulders of her future husband were constantly in view as she rode after him. His dark brown hair, long and thick, hung down his back, not unkempt exactly, but suggestive of a certain quality that she had seen already in his questioning of Faolan and his crude attempts at humor.”

From Blade of Fortriu

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July 24, 2010



“One man she recognized, for he was stocky and bald, broad shouldered, barrel-chested: Deord.”

From Blade of Fortriu

Last Updated: 30.October.2010

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July 24, 2010



“As for the man himself, he was formidable enough. He regarded them levelly as they approached, his dark eyes assessing, his mouth a thin line, giving nothing away. He was of middle height, not strongly built but wiry and lithe-looking. He was the right age, or could be: the hair dark as a crow’s wing, with a thread or two of gray at the temples, the right cheek marked with the same parallel scarring they had seen on the other men, a five-line pattern drawn with neat precision. The robe he wore was not kingly, but of plain wool, its only trim a narrow, patterned border, lighter gray on darker. his hair was tied back with a strip of the same woven braid. The impression was austere.”

From Foxmask

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June 27, 2010



[…] a man I had not seen last night, a large, square-jawed individual with knives at his belt and a heavy axe slung on his back. He had on a worn but well-cared-for leather breastplate over practical garments of wool; it was the garb of a warrior. His hair was more grey than fair, and hung to his shoulders in thick twisted locks.”

From Heart’s Blood

Last Updated: 13.February.2011

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