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July 19, 2010

Mac Dara

Mac Dara:

“The voice was deep and dark.”

“The man who now stood between the guards was tall, lean, dark-haired, clad in a sweeping black cloak. It was Cathal. […] For a moment I stood paralysed with shock, and then I saw that it was not Cathal but that other man, the one in the vision. They were very alike, but this man was taller, and although he looked young, no more than five and twenty, his eyes were old. They were the eyes of a man who had seen so much of sorrow and loss, of cruelty and trickery and heartbreak, that nothing much mattered to him any more.”

From Heir to Sevenwaters

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July 11, 2010



“Words fled. There was a perfect image of Faolan in her mind, correct in every detail: his strength, his kindness, his courage. His reticence; his wariness. Those things were the essence of the man. But they were not what this girl wanted.”

“Dark hair,” Eile went on. “Medium build, rather forbidding look about him. About Drustan’s age, but he looks older.[…]
“Maybe I overlooked him,” said the girl lightly.

From The Well of Shades

Last updated: 9.January.2012

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July 8, 2010



“Eamonn was the right age, just a year or two older than my sister. He was comely enough; a little serious maybe, but that could be remedied. He was well built, with glossy, brown hair and fine, dark eyes. He had good teeth. “

From Son of Shadows

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July 8, 2010



“As for the second man, he was tall, she could see that as the two of them released their and, in a flurry of agile limbs, circled and came to grips once more. The second man was graceful, wide of shoulder and narrow of waist, long legged and supple in his movements. He was quick; his skill in ducking and weaving kept him out of Deord’s powerful grip until he was ready for him. This man had a strong-boned face that seemed vaguely familiar. The skin was unmarked; he bore neither kin signs nor battle-counts. Like Deord he was clean-shaven, but had a head of luxuriant hair the tawny hue of an eagle’s feathers, or sun on autumn oaks, or the pelt of a red fox. His eyes were bright; whether it was the fair morning, or his enjoyment of the fine sport, or whether he was a man naturally give to laughter, those eyes captured all the brilliance of the dawn, rendering his features radiant with light. Ana had to remind herself to breathe. He was, quite simply, the most beautiful thing she had ever set eyes upon.”

From Blade of Fortriu

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July 6, 2010

Richard of Northwoods

Richard of Northwoods:

“Near him was the lord Richard, and I could see on closer inspection a trace of the family resemblance; not much, but it was there in the fair, graying hair with its slight curl, and the shrewd, measuring gaze, the same I had seen in the lady Anne’s eyes. He was not a particularly tall man; Red stood a good head taller. But there was an authority, a presence about him, something you sensed instantly.”

From Daughter of the Forest

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June 28, 2010


Red (Lord Hugh of Harrowfield):

“His hair was cropped ruthlessly short, but both it and the few days’ stubble of beard were lit by the fire’s glow to the bright red-gold of autumn sun on oak leaves. His face was formidable though he was young in years, perhaps not much more than Liam’s age. The nose was long and straight, the jaw set firm, the mouth wide and thin-lipped.”

From Daughter of the Forest

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

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