“I thought his dark eyes were on Sibeal and me.”

“I regarded the sleeping Cathal, stretched out under the cloak with his head pillowed on one bent arm. In repose his features were pleasing: not handsome like Aidan’s or harmonious like Johnny’s, but grave and strong. The eyelids were shadowed with weariness; the bold strokes of the fox tattoo emphasised the dark, emphatic brows, the straight nose and prominent cheekbones. The contours of his face were all angular, with nothing soft about them, though his lips looked less severe in slumber.”

From Heir to Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 12.October.2013

Adam Gregory
Aidan Turner
Anthony Carrigan
Ben Barnes
Blair Redford
Craig Horner
*New*Dave Franco
Drew Fuller
Drew Roy
*New*Eddie Redmayne
Eoin Macken
Gael Garcia Bernal
Garrett Hedlund
Gaspard Ulliel
Guntars Asmanis
Guy Flanagan
*New*Hugh Jackman
*New*Ian Somerhalder
James Franco
*New*Jamie Dornan
Jensen Ackles
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Kit Harington
Nick Steele
Orlando Bloom
Patrick Nuo
Penn Badgley
Rami Malek
Richard Armitage
Rick Malambri
Ryan Kennedy
Sam Worthington
Skeet Ulrich
Tom Ellis
Tuomas Holopainen
*not an actor*
*New*Viggo Mortensen
Zachary Levi

Discarded Suggestions:
Alex O’Loughlin
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benjamin Stone
Cillian Murphy
Daniel Day-Lewis
Hans Matheson
James Lafferty
Jesse Metcalfe
Joaquin Phoenix
Johnny Whitworth
Josh Duhamel
Patrick Fugit
Peter Facinelli
Shane West
Stuart Townsend
Tom Payne

36 Comments to “Cathal”

  1. Hans Matheson in this would make my heart stop beating, I LOVE him.

  2. I think Eoin Macken could play Cathal! ❤

  3. I think Benedict Cumberbatch.

  4. James Lafferty:


    Guntar Asmanis (I think he is a model trying to be an actor):

  5. Okay..I really like this one, saw him on the show 90210, his name is Blair Redford:
    In fact when I saw him on tv I thought Faolan (proof: and I just found out he’s almost 30 years old, so not bad. But somehow he looks younger…no? Dunno. I would vote for him for either role, so… xD *swoons*

    • I like him… not a bad suggestion for both Cathal and Faolan (and the second pic is amazing).

      I like his eyes ^_^

      And yes, he looks younger than he really is 😛

    • Yes…his eyes are mean 😀

      • Hypnotic was more what I had in mind… but mean also works 😉

      • I was thinking “mean” in a “good way”, like: my eyes tell my enemies I’ll kick their asses if they mess up with me, my woman(especially this one), or with everyone else I either care about or needs my help. 😀

        • I’m not the sort of girl who likes dark eyes in a guy (I’m more of green/blue eyes fan) but he did conquered me with his…

          And yes, I thought “mean” in the bad way but now that you’ve clarified, yes, his eyes definitely say that ^_^

  6. Yep, totally agree with you guys on mr. Redford. Those eyes are amazing (especially in the first pic).

    And if you’re looking to extend the shirtless Faolan section, this picture’s not bad either 😉

    • Oh yes, he’ll be a great addition to the shirtless Faolan page (just needs to stop shaving! xD)

      That is an interesting picture btw, he’s with a blonde, if we pretend she’s Ana, he could be saying something like: Well, hello there my fair Princess! What am I doing, you ask? Nothing special, I was just walking around shirtless *cough-hoping you would see my fabulous athletic body-cough* Care to join me? *wink*

    • Ohh, you just gave me a reason to update the shirtless!Faolan page :3

  7. Um… has any one thought to cast Cillian Murphy from ’28 Days Later’ as Cathal? 1) He’s Irish, 2) Those lips…

  8. James Franco’s brother Dave Franco would be a nice Cathal, I think.

  9. Ben Barnes looks more like Cathal’s childhood friend.

  10. Right, perhaps he’s cast somewhere else already, but I’d really like to see this picture of Hugh Jackman in your list of possible actors for the part of Cathal.

    I know he’s probably too old for the part, but hey, me thinks he looks great in this pic. 🙂

  11. Okay, I want Zachary Levi as Cathal or Faolan (as Chuck he looks so nerd… but as Zachary he’s quite charming :P):

    or like this:


    • YES YES YES! Flynn my love! I say Faolan 😀 Don’t tell me Ner…you watched Tangled…? 😀

      • Unfortunately, not yet 😦 Still waiting for the DVD to come out

        But I’ve seen some featurettes and clips on youtube (couldn’t resist) and I’ve fallen for Flynn 😛

        Plus, I’ve seen Zachary in the Oscars and thought he looked absolutely charming ^_^

      • *sigh*
        You fell for Flynn even faster than what I expected: without seeing the movie *LOL* xD

        Oh yes, Zach and Mandy at the Oscars: EPICNESS! I was so happy that it turned out great, a lot of mean people kept saing Zach only sang in the movie because of special effects and stuff, but he sang live! 😀

        • LOL – I already had a crush on Flynn without even seeing the movie, just the featurettes and trailers. Weird?! Yah, I know 😛

          I thought Zach sang better than Mandy at the Oscars… :S Dunno why but I had the feeling Mandy was trying too hard to sing properly (and I know she can sing properly).

          I think he has a very nice voice… I mean, I absolutely love his voice in “I See The Light”!! The moment I heard it for the 1st time, I just surrendered myself to it ^_^

          I think those mean people are just jealous that Zach played Flynn and not them and that he can sing without even being a singer lol

  12. Kit Harington from “Game of Thrones” – I’m not a fan of dark eyes but there’s something about his… quite mysterious I guess:

  13. Joaquin Phoenix!!!

  14. I don’t know how old he is, and sometimes his eyebrows look weird, but he has a face that reminds me of Cathal…for some reason. Anthony Carrigan:

  15. Ian Somerhalder could play a good Cathal – especially the eccentricities and derisive looks

  16. Eddie redmayne! I dont know why, but thats exactly who i see when i read the story, and ive read it around 4 times now. Yes, hes got the freckles, but i can just see him being both cathal and then cathal with a little david bowie labyrinth flare as macdara.

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