“Her footsteps had been soft as a wren’s, but something had made him turn, and when he saw her, he couldn’t tell if she were human or spirit, a waif of a thing with long hair streaming in the wind, and eyes such as he’d never seen before, the palest sea-gray with a darker rim to them.”

“He could imagine the solemn expression in her strange, light eyes, he could see how her silky brown hair might flow over her shoulders as she bent to move the little stones delicately into place. He could envisage the play of lamplight on the pale skin of her cheek, and the soft rosy curve of her mouth. He could see her as if she were right there before him…”

From Wolfskin

Last Updated: 10.September.2011

Alexis Bledel
Amanda Leighton
Annie Winfree
*New*Bella Heathcote
Caitlin Custer
Claire Foy
Danielle Blanch
Emma Roberts
Emmy Rossum
Erica Leerhsen
Gemma Arterton
Jennifer Lawrence
*New*Kacey Rohl
*New*Lucinda Dryzek
Natalie Dreyfuss
Nicola Peltz
Odette Yustman
Ophelia Lovibond
Sarah Bolger
Talulah Riley
Tessa Virtue
*Not an actress*
Willa Holland

Discarded Suggestions:
Anne Hathaway


4 Comments to “Nessa”

  1. Caitlin Custer is my favourite, she looks so…zen, and of course it helps that she has the right colouring even without movie magic, the can’t-really-tell-what-colour-are-they eyes are so so perfect!

    • (btw, I think I have to re-read Wolfskin someday soon, I forget how cute Eyvind is when he’s looking at / thinking of Nessa 😀 he always does it in awe-mode xD very lost puppy)

      • Yes, Eyvind is very much like a lost puppy. A huge lost puppy. I think it’s because he is so big that he becomes even cuter in his lost puppy state of mind.

      • Exactly. He looks like a giant angel, all fair and blue eyed, of course he cuts heads off, but he’s sorry and sick to death about it after, and then he says those things about Nessa…so cute xD

        All Juliet’s male leads are lost puppies, Faolan wins, no doubt in that, and I think Eyvind would probably give Anluan a good fight for the second place in that Top xD I’m not forgetting Bran, but he’s more like a lost wolf.

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