“He was just as good-looking as I’d remembered: tall and broad-shouldered, with a strong-boned face, well-kept brown hair and friendly eyes. He was by far the most handsome of all Johnny’s men, I thought; […]

“He looked straight at Cathal, and now the expression in his nice brown eyes was one of undisguised fury.”

From Heir to Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 7.September.2011

Aidan Turner
*New*Ben Barnes
Daniel Bruehl
Drew Fuller
James Marsden
James McAvoy
Joe Armstrong
Jonas Armstrong
Julian Morris
Matt Lanter

Discarded Suggestions:
Lee Pace


12 Comments to “Aidan”

  1. Drew Fuller should be in the Costi poll! -or in a sevenwaters brother poll- he has got the most amazing green eyes!:D

    I don’t remember Matt Lanter, but he’s my favourite for this role, he’s quite like how I pictured the character.

  2. The Armstrong Boys for me please, with Jonas in the lead as the handsomest of all candidates with his former cast-mate Joe, in second position.

  3. Btw, my beautiful McAvoy shouldn’t be in this! He can only be in polls for male leads, you know, the ones who get the girl!:D

  4. Daren Kagasoff?

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