July 23, 2010

Welcome to Casting Sevenwaters

Welcome to Casting Sevenwaters. This is a fan project to find the perfect actors to play the characters in Juliet Marillier’s books. This is purely a fun and speculative site: we have no way of making these films happen, other than sheer fan pressure!

You can vote on the suggestions made so far, or suggest your own. Each character will have a page, with all the suggestions.

You can start by choosing your favourite series, and check all the characters; their names link to their page.

Sevenwaters Series | Saga of the Light Isles | The Chronicles of Bridei | Wildwood Dancing & Cybele’s Secret | Heart’s Blood

You can use the links at the top of the page to navigate through the different series.

Or just go to a random character.

Also, you can see the Top 5 actors for each role. There is also a Couples Top, with pictures for the the actors in the lead for each main role.

December 12, 2011



“No; look at Nechtan, his dark eyes blazing with confidence, his pose triumphal. He is a master of this craft and he cannot fail.”

From Heart’s Blood

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November 5, 2011

Cormack & Conor

Cormack and Conor:

“The twins were on either side of her, leaning in, each the mirror image of the other, eyes gray as the winter sky, hair deep brown and glossy as a ripe chestnut.”

From Daughter of the Forest

Conor (older):

“There were young folk wearing the homespun, both boys and girls; and there were men of middle years, of whom my Uncle Conor was one. Come late to the learning of the great mysteries, he was now their leader, a pale, grave man of middle height, his long chestnut hair streaked with gray, his eyes deep and serene.”

From Son of Shadows

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September 27, 2011

Andy Whitfield

Andy Whitfield
It is always extremely sad when a good actor leaves us, even so when they are still young. Andy Whitfield passed away last September 11, as a result of a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

He was suggested for some roles here on Casting Sevenwaters: Bran, Johnny and Drustan, and well as the Sevenwaters brothers (this section is going through some re-designing) and was receiving a good deal of Yes-s. On the case of Bran, he had been on the lead for quite a while now.

In the case of Johnny and Drustan, his name has been withdrawn from the list. When each of the Sevenwaters brother gets a new page, his name won’t be one of the suggestions. But in the case of Bran, since he was number 1 for so long, he will be still there, but like Heath Ledger on the Eyvind page: as an Extra.

Bran | Johnny | Drustan

July 19, 2011



“Long nose, wide mouth, a dusting of freckles on pale skin, a firmly set jaw, and under the dark hair tangling on his brow, eyes like clear water of an unfathomable depth. That was Finbar.”

From Daughter of the Forest

“But it was not the sudden fright of the encounter that made my heart thump now. It was not the similarity this man bore to my uncle Sean, and to Liadan, with his long pale face and shock of wild dark hair, his slender, upright form and neat, clever features. Nor was it his ragged robe, his tattered cloak, his unshod feet that shocked me. It was the wing he bore in place of his left arm; a great shining thing, a gleaming swath of gold and pink and cream in the lantern light.”

From Child of the Prophecy

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

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May 15, 2011



“She stood watching in silence as I found a cloth and wiped the tabletop. Under her scrutiny I straightened, turning to face her. This was no serving woman. Her manner was regal and her clothing, though plain to the point of severity, was expertly cut and fashioned of finest wool. The gown was dove grey, the overdress a slightly darker shade; her hair was concealed by a light veil. Under its neat folds her expression was coolly judgmental. […]
The woman clasped her hands together, gazing at me with lustrous gray eyes. Her features were neat and small. She held herself very straight.”

“Muirne’s veil, covering every strand of her hair—if she removed that covering, would a cascade of golden locks tumble over her shoulders and down her back?”

From Heart’s Blood

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May 14, 2011



“Where’s Evan?” I asked, not seeing the tall, dark-skinned figure of her husband among the helpers.

From Seer of Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 18.March.2012

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January 5, 2011



“I approached Svala. She was far taller than I, with the kind of figure that would draw men’s eyes and make wives jealous. Her face was strong, the cheekbones high, the nose proud, the mouth well-shaped and full. Her hair was drying in the warmth from the infirmary fire; its natural shade would be sun-gold. Her eyes were the gray of a winter sea. Right now there was a disturbing blankness about those fine features.”

From Seer of Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 12.October.2013

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