Top 5

Top 5 actors for each role


SevenwatersLast updated: 29.July.2012

Light IslesLast updated: 29.July.2012

Bridei ChroniclesLast updated: 29.July.2012

WildwoodLast updated: 29.July.2012

Heart’s BloodLast updated: 29.July.2012



Couples TopLast updated: 9.January.2012


8 Comments to “Top 5”

  1. Who is in the lead for Eyvind?

  2. I think you have one mistake that I had spotted…

    On Cathal you repeated Aidan Turner name twice as number 3 and in “competition” with Sam Worthington in number 4.

    Because I’m adding this top 5 “thing” to my site, I thought I should warn you for that mistake because I got confused and decided to put Sam alone on number 4 until you cleared that… hope you won’t get me wrong ^_^

  3. The Hemsworth brothers are in the lead for the Harrowfield brothers, ahah!:D

  4. This is an awesome site!
    I’m a recent fan of JM’s works, and it’s great to see different perceptions of who should play these fascinating characters from these magnificient books. I’ve had a look through, and there are some people that fit the descriptions perfect – and even those that have a resemblance cannot be missed! I hope someone does make a movie (if not a TV Movie, series, or mini-series) of one of JM’s outstanding stories!
    Watching with earnest who wins out….T.

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