Red (Lord Hugh of Harrowfield):

“His hair was cropped ruthlessly short, but both it and the few days’ stubble of beard were lit by the fire’s glow to the bright red-gold of autumn sun on oak leaves. His face was formidable though he was young in years, perhaps not much more than Liam’s age. The nose was long and straight, the jaw set firm, the mouth wide and thin-lipped.”

From Daughter of the Forest

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

Alan Ritchson
Ben Bledsoe
*New*Chris Evans
Chris Hemsworth
Clive Standen
David Wenham
Derek Theler
Eddie Redmayne
Ewan McGregor
Gerard Butler
Henry Cavill
Jamie Bamber
John Reardon
*New*Josh Dallas
Kevin McKidd
Lucas Kerr
*not an actor*
Matt Bomer
Max Martini
*Older Red*
Michael Fassbender
Noah Huntley
*Older Red*
Ryan Gosling
Sam Worthington
Steven Waddington
Tom Hardy
Zachary Knighton

Discarded Suggestions:
Brandon Routh
Christian Bale
Gil Bellows
Greg Vaughan
James McAvoy
Justin Timberlake
Peter Facinelli
Richard Armitage
Rupert Grint
Thomas Kretschmann


21 Comments to “Red”

  1. Gil Bellows, wth??xD

    Martini looks drunk, and I’m not even toying with his name.

  2. *sigh* If only he was an actor…(he’s a model…) I had to share anyway (click to see why):

    Lucas Kerr

    • Is there a shirtless scene in DotF? Please tell me there is!

      • When he saves her from drowning I think he takes his shirt off before getting into the water, and if he doesn’t, he probably takes if off anyway to change into some dry clothes afterwards.
        There’s also a scene where he and his men are training and I think everyone is shirtless, but I’m not sure…I remember Sorcha passing by and frowning to the bunch of maids who were dumbstruck watching, but I can’t remember if that was only because, well…men were showing of their skills, or because they were also showing of their muscles. (we should ask Juliet – aaaahahah)

        *sigh* …anyway, I’m sure he takes everything off in the end :’D

  3. Most of these guys are too old I think. Isn’t Red supposed to be somewhere in his twenties?

    • This is something that comes up regularly. Some of these suggestions were made some years ago when the actors where younger, some were made when remembering a specific film. And Red also appears on Son of Shadows where he would have been about 40.

      Also, I guess that if the movies get made, they will change the ages of the characters slightly. I’m not expecting them to portray Sorcha in the right age (from 12 to 16).

  4. I’m on fire today!
    Another one, Ben Bledsoe:

    I’m saying Red because of his eyes, pale skin and oh my god, look at that chin/jaw area…he would look great with really short red hair, I think.
    Would do a nice Felix as well.

  5. holy crap…


    that’s Red…right there…cut and paint his hair and that’s him…I’m done looking!xD (apparently he’s a giant too, 1,96m)

    Derek Theler:

    *chest sneak peek*

  6. Christian Bale would be a wonderful actor for this part.

  7. Noah Huntley would make a fantastic older Red

    (He’s the one on the left, next to the equally lovely James Purefoy)

  8. How about Stephen Amell??

  9. Sam Heughan as Red!

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