“This was a face such as I had never seen before, even in the most fanciful of dreams, a face that was, in its way, a work of art. For it was light and dark, night and day, this world and the Otherworld. On the left side, the face of a youngish man, the skin weathered but fair, the eye gray and clear, the mouth well formed if unyielding in character. On all the right side, extending from an undrawn mark down the exact center, an etching of line and curve and feathery pattern, like the mask of some fierce bird of prey. An eagle? A goshawk? No, it was, I thought, a raven, even as far as the circles about the eye and the suggestion of predatory beak around the nostril. The mark of the raven. If I had not been so frightened, I might have laughed at the irony of it. The pattern extended down his neck and under the border of his leather jerkin and the linen shirt he wore beneath it. His head was completely shaven, and the skull, too, was colored the same, half-man, half-wild creature; some great artist of the inks and needle had wrought this over many days, and I imagined the pain must have been considerable.”

From Son of Shadows

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

Alan Ritchson
Alex Pettyfer
Brian Austin Green
Channing Tatum
*New*Cillian Murphy
Clive Standen
*New*Colin Farrell
*New*Derek Magyar
Dominic Purcell
*New*Ed Skrein
*New*Edward Norton
*older Bran*
Eric Bana
Garrett Hedlund
Gerard Butler
*New*Henry Cavill
*New*Jamie Dornan
Jason Berh
Karl Urban
Lucas Kerr
Matthew Fox
*New*Patrick Nuo
Peter Paige
Rafi Gavron
Shane West
Skeet Ulrich
*New*Taylor Lautner
*New*Vin Diesel
*older Bran*
Wentworth Miller

Andy Whitfield
Andy Whitfield was on the lead for this role for a long time, but unfortunately he can’t play the part now. All the same, and in his honour, you can still vote on this suggestion:

Discarded Suggestions:
Ami James
Andrew Garfield
Chris O’Donnell
Fabio Cannavaro
Guri Weinberg
Hayden Christensen
Joseph Fiennes
Luke Goss
Orlando Bloom
Peter Facinelli
Stuart Townsend
Thomas Kretschmann


13 Comments to “Bran”

  1. Nice work! great blog

  2. I think all these suggestions are way too old. I’d like to throw Andrew Garfield’s name into the mix. Hayden Christenson is another possibility.

  3. A lot of good suggestions. : )

  4. Perhaps someone Irish like Cillian Murphy or (dare I say it) Colin Farrell seeing as Sevenwaters is very Celtic. Or Taylor Lautner would look the part. And what about Vin Diesel – it does say youngish. I did have someone in mind for this a few years back when reading the book but can’t remember now.

  5. Great to finally see Karl Urban somewhere here. Although I think he would be someone else than Bran. Hmmm….

  6. Patrick Nuo is listed elsewhere he’d make a good Bran.

  7. Edward Norton, because we know he looks good shaved, can bulk up, and actually can act. It seems pretty clear to me.

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    in institution of higher education.

  9. How about Stephen Amell?

  10. I’d like to suggest Jonas Armstrong!

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