“Eamonn was the right age, just a year or two older than my sister. He was comely enough; a little serious maybe, but that could be remedied. He was well built, with glossy, brown hair and fine, dark eyes. He had good teeth. “

From Son of Shadows

Last Updated: 18.March.2012

*New*Alex O’Loughlin
*older Eamonn*
Carmine Giovinazzo
*New*Daniel Bruehl
David Oakes
Garrett Hedlund
Ioan Gruffudd
*New*Joaquin Phoenix
Jude Law
Karl Urban
*New*Mads Mikkelsen
*older Eamonn*
*New*Michael Fassbender
Rufus Sewell
*New*Stuart Townsend
*New*Toby Stephens

Discarded Suggestions:
Ray Winstone


10 Comments to “Eamonn”

  1. David Oakes (from the upcoming Pillars of the Earth)

  2. How about Rufus Sewell? =)

  3. Please add Stuart Townsend to this list. As soon as I saw him in another character list, I thought, “Eamonn. That’s Eamonn.”

  4. This might be a good picture to use:


    He’s got that sinister, vengeful look on his face, but is still very handsome- as Eamonn is supposed to be.

  5. Michael Fassbender would be perfect as Eamonn as he is in ‘Child of the Prophecy’. He’s the right age, fits the physical description, is conveniently half-Irish, and most importantly projects that ‘Eamonn’ feeling.

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