Bran’s Men

The Band of The Painted Man:

“With difficulty, I tore my gaze away to where Gull and Dog and Snake were standing mute amongst a group of other men. Their garb was motley, in tune with Eamonn’s description: a shaggy pelt here, feathers there, chain links, leather patches, straps and buckles, silver collars and armlets, and a not inconsiderable display of well-muscled flesh in various shades.”

“As he spoke, there came through the bushes a number of men, men with strange, exotic markings on the skin of their faces and limbs and bodies, men clad in outlandish garb made from wolfskins and feathers and metal, with helms that gave them the semblance of Otherworld creatures, half human, half beast.”

From Son of Shadows

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

Andrew Lee Potts
Arthur Darvill
Brandon Routh

*Dog or Spider*
*New*Ruud Jolie
*not an actor*

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