“The second, young, tall, and well built. A man with hair like a field of barley in the summer sun, and eyes of periwinkle blue.”

From Daughter of the Forest

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

Christian Cooke
Grey Damon
Hugh Dancy
Jeremy Sumpter
Liam Hemsworth
Lucas Till
Oliver Ackland

Discarded Suggestions:
Ben Whishaw
Craig Horner
Jamie Campbell Bower
Trever O’Brien
Wentworth Miller


3 Comments to “Simon”

  1. Oh my Lord, true story: I saw this actor, and thought he would do a nice Simon, so I went to find out his name, which is Liam Hemsworth, and immediately I remembered that I’ve heard that name before, and then it came to me: there was someone suggested for Red with that name already, Liam is Chris Hemsworth’s baby brother and Chris is (at least was) in the top 3 for the role of Red 😮 look at them together!(aussies…:D)–>

    so here’s a better pic of Liam, who I’m suggesting for Simon :p

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