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January 4, 2011



“A young man sat there writing. Chestnut hair over his shoulders; eyes like deep water under evening sky. A thin, strong-jawed face, a straight nose, a generous mouth.”

“Once or twice I looked up and found his eyes on me, and what was in them filled me with joy and sorrow both at once. Sometimes I watched him without his being aware of it. I found myself memorizing his features, the strong jaw, the straight nose, the chestnut hair, pleasing even in its current salt-crusted, unkempt state, the deep lake-blue eyes, like those of a sage in an old tale . . . And when he looked up and saw me watching, he smiled.”

From Seer of Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 10.July.2011

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July 24, 2010



“Now the eyes of the three men turned to take in tall, blond Sam, who stood stolid under their searching gaze, and then moved back to the shivering Creidhe who leaned on his arm.”

“Sam bore a damp-looking sack on his shoulder; he stood by the pathway in the dark sand, his guileless blue eyes shadowed wit anxiety.”

From Foxmask

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July 10, 2010



“There was one among these warriors who caught Nessa’s eye. He seemed young, though he was as tall and broad as the biggest of them; he had hair of butter-yellow that curled around his ears.”

“The man with the axe and the blue eyes was watching his leader, and did not seem to notice her.”

From Wolfskin

Last Updated: 10.September.2011

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