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May 15, 2011



“She stood watching in silence as I found a cloth and wiped the tabletop. Under her scrutiny I straightened, turning to face her. This was no serving woman. Her manner was regal and her clothing, though plain to the point of severity, was expertly cut and fashioned of finest wool. The gown was dove grey, the overdress a slightly darker shade; her hair was concealed by a light veil. Under its neat folds her expression was coolly judgmental. […]
The woman clasped her hands together, gazing at me with lustrous gray eyes. Her features were neat and small. She held herself very straight.”

“Muirne’s veil, covering every strand of her hair—if she removed that covering, would a cascade of golden locks tumble over her shoulders and down her back?”

From Heart’s Blood

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July 27, 2010



“The sunlight, filtering down through the canopy of new spring green, touched her golden hair to a brightness that seemed almost magical. Her voice was low and gentle, her gray eyes full of a deep calm.”

From Well of Shades

Last Updated: 2.November.2011

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