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July 30, 2010



“A little good feeding and a temporary sense of security had begun to turn the half-starved wretch of Cloud Hill into a thin but healthy-looking girl with a long sweep of glossy hair the hue of oak leaves in the autumn. The green eyes were bright, though still wary; her skin had a better color now.”

From Well of Shades

Last Updated: 28.March.2011

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July 10, 2010



“Sibeal was the odd one out; dark, like her eldest sister, and quiet. And she had very strange eyes, clear, colorless eyes that seemed to look beyond the surface of things.”

From Child of the Prophecy

“I picture her deep in slumber, the clear eyes closed, the sweet mouth in repose. Her dark hair rippling down across the covers that blanket her slight form.”

From Seer of Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 3.July.2011

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June 25, 2010



“We were the two who inherited her curling, wild hair. I had her green eyes […]”

“Their red jewel eyes were on me as I looked at my reflection. Small, skinny, pale. Untidy mop of dark curls, roughly tied back. Neat nose, wide mouth, defiant green eyes.”

From Daughter of the Forest

Last Updated: 12.October.2013

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