January 4, 2011



“A young man sat there writing. Chestnut hair over his shoulders; eyes like deep water under evening sky. A thin, strong-jawed face, a straight nose, a generous mouth.”

“Once or twice I looked up and found his eyes on me, and what was in them filled me with joy and sorrow both at once. Sometimes I watched him without his being aware of it. I found myself memorizing his features, the strong jaw, the straight nose, the chestnut hair, pleasing even in its current salt-crusted, unkempt state, the deep lake-blue eyes, like those of a sage in an old tale . . . And when he looked up and saw me watching, he smiled.”

From Seer of Sevenwaters

Last Updated: 10.July.2011

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December 7, 2010

Seer of Sevenwaters Released today

Seer of Sevenwaters has been released today!

Do you have your copy?


If not, you can get it here:

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November 17, 2010

Erip and Wid

Erip and Wid:

“Welcome, lad,” Erip said with a gap-toothed grin. “You like games?”
A nod.
“You’ve come to the right place, then”, said Wid, stroking his white beard.

“Bald-headed Erip and hawk-nosed Wid welcomed questions, though not the ones Boichan would not answer.”

From The Dark Mirror

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September 14, 2010



“She was a tall woman with sleek auburn hair, known for her immaculate grooming and excellent deportment, and her position as educator of the daughters of Fortriu’s noble families meant she carried a great deal of authority.”

From Well of Shades

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September 14, 2010



Ferada’s father was still a handsome man, for all the touch of gray in his russet hair, but tonight he was plainly ill at ease.

From Well of Shades

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August 17, 2010

Bran’s Men

The Band of The Painted Man:

“With difficulty, I tore my gaze away to where Gull and Dog and Snake were standing mute amongst a group of other men. Their garb was motley, in tune with Eamonn’s description: a shaggy pelt here, feathers there, chain links, leather patches, straps and buckles, silver collars and armlets, and a not inconsiderable display of well-muscled flesh in various shades.”

“As he spoke, there came through the bushes a number of men, men with strange, exotic markings on the skin of their faces and limbs and bodies, men clad in outlandish garb made from wolfskins and feathers and metal, with helms that gave them the semblance of Otherworld creatures, half human, half beast.”

From Son of Shadows

Last Updated: 29.August.2012

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August 17, 2010



“Father gazed at me, his dark eyes thoughtful in his narrow, gray-bearded face.”

From Cybele’s Secret

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