I knew the outfit would look well with my rosy coloring and dark hair. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard Ita saying: It’s a pity you take after your mother.That mouth, that complexion, that figure, they’re sure to get you into trouble. With a sigh, I set the garments down.

“And then, ah, then came the third vision. Pale flesh in graceful rise and fall, dark hair curling down over a body all curves and softness, bright locks spilling across strong male shoulders.”

From Heart’s Blood

Last Updated: 13.February.2011

Alexia Fast
Anna Paquin
*New*Ashley Johnson
*New*Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Aubrey Dollar
*New*Bella Heathcote
Ellen Page
Heather Ann Davis
Jodelle Ferland
Lucy Griffiths
Lucy Hale
*New*Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Michelle Ryan
Natalie Dreyfuss
Nicola Peltz
Ophelia Lovibond
*New*Raquel Alessi
Talulah Riley
Willa Holland

Discarded Suggestions:
Kristen Stewart


29 Comments to “Caitrin”

  1. Not really sure where to put this one: Willa Holland, but I guess she could play Caitrin

  2. I thought “Caitrin” at first for this one: Ophelia Lovibond

    but then also:
    Wildwood girl

    and with the right hair color:

  3. She’s definitely a Wildwood girl… I’ll say Jena ^_^

  4. Amy Acker (also as Tati):

    Chyler Leigh (also as Tati):

    Hayley Atwell:

    • Ooh…Hayley…my poor Aliena from The Pillars of the Earth. She has such a beautiful smile:)

      • Actually, it was because of her role in “The Pillars of the Earth” that I’ve suggested her for the role.

        Plus, she has brown hair and eyes, just like Caitrin 😛

        Oh… and she’s a wonderful actress, of course ^_^

        • Oh, I shouldn’t even have mentioned The Pillars of the Earth. I get a bit (a lot) crazy thinking about/discussing it. My poor, poor Aliena! 😦 DIE WILLIAM-SON-OF-A-WH*RE DIIIIIEEEEE!

          Caitrin had brown eyes? Oh God, I’m starting to forget important details! I always imagined her with blue or grey eyes, for some reason *.*
          Of course I’d love the idea of Anluan liking girls with brown eyes and hair *teehee*

        • btw Ner, don’t tell what happens in The Pillars of the Earth, quigui gets all angry because she hasn’t seen it yet xD

        • My mouth is sealed!!! Not saying a word about it but… I’m with you about William – I hate him *angry face*

          I think it’s brown eyes and hair. I’m pretty sure it is but I might be wrong!! I remember thinking she was a bit like me because of that.

          Oh my… have to read the book again 😛

  5. Oh… I forgot… I have another actress for Caitrin – Mandy Moore:

      • LOL ^_^

        Haven’t see the movie yet and I’m going crazy!!! Waiting for the DVD to watch it in the original version instead of the Portuguese one (which people say wasn’t that good)

        • Ner you have to see it!!! Like: NOW! The english version of course. It had a bad image and sound, but it was worth it. 😀

        • I know… it’s Disney and it’s Rapunzel… oh, and it’s Alan Menken’s soundtrack!!!

          I want to see the movie so badly… but I promised my sister I would watch it with her so, I have to wait for the DVD – she’s very traditional if you know what I mean 😉

        • Okay, but you’ll probably smack yourself once you see it, because you’ll be so angry you haven’t seen it before xD

          (I have a feeling you’ll fall in love with Flynn in less than 5 seconds)

        • I’m sure I will be both… angry ’cause I’ve waited too long to see it and be in love with Flynn (I normally love all the male characters in this kind of movie) 😛

  6. Hailee Steinfeld (she’s so adorable :P):

  7. What about emmy Rossum for Caitrin? I think she would be a perfect belle (for belle and the beast) and since heart’s blood is based upon this story I saw a picture of her in my head while reading the book!

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