“They were extremely pale, their skin almost waxen in appearance, their eyes deep set, dark, and intense. All were clad in jet-black. The pair who led them was especially striking. The woman’s lips were narrow and bright crimson in color, whether by nature or artifice I could not tell. Her fingernails ha been dyed to match. Both she and the man had bony, aristocratic features: well-defined cheeks and jaws jutting, arrogant noses and dark, winged brows. They made a handsome couple, he in billowing shirt, tight trousers and high boots, she in a formfitting gown whose plunging neckline left little to imagination.”

From Wildwood Dancing

Cristina Scabbia
*not an actress*
Keira Knightley
Tiffany Diaz

2 Comments to “Anastasia”

  1. I’m saying “no” (this is really hard to do) to my beloved Keira, just because it’s not a role big enough for her, even if she has the looks (and I know, I know, we have casted bigger names for less important roles before). But you know what? She could easily play Tati, I was just remembering how she gets lovesick and because of that, reeeaaally thin, so yeah, Keira.

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