“At eighteen, Cezar was as tall as his father and a great deal broader, with a short, well kept dark beard and forceful eyebrows.”

“His features tightened, his dark eyes turning bleak.”

From Wildwood Dancing

Adrian Grenier
Jesse Metcalfe
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Milo Ventimiglia
Rupert Friend
Ryan Phillippe

6 Comments to “Cezar”

  1. I voted “yes” for Rupert Friend for the first time!xD ahahah

  2. Dunno why, I’ve always imagined him as Chris Evans…


    • Never thought of him for any role but he definitely could work as Cezar.

      He does have that bad boy look when he want to.

      Nice suggestion ^_^

  3. Max Irons!

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