“The sunlight, filtering down through the canopy of new spring green, touched her golden hair to a brightness that seemed almost magical. Her voice was low and gentle, her gray eyes full of a deep calm.”

From Well of Shades

Last Updated: 2.November.2011

*New*Alice Eve
Alix Wilton Regan
Amanda Schull
*New*Amanda Seyfried
Amy Adams
AnnaSophia Robb
*New*Ashley Hinshaw
Aubree Knecht
Bethany Joy Galeotti
*New*Britt Robertson
Brittany Snow
*New*Candice Accola
Charlize Theron
Diane Kruger
*New*Dianna Agron
Elisabeth Harnois
Elisabeth Röhm
*New*Elisha Cuthbert
*New*Emily Foxler
Evan Rachel Wood
*New*Heather Graham
Helena Mattsson
Janneke Arent
*New*Jennifer Lawrence
Jessica Marais
Katheryn Winnick
Laura Vandervoort
*New*Lucinda Dryzek
*New*Natalie Dreyfuss
Olivia Wilde
Romola Garai
Rosamund Pike
Sara Paxton
Sophia Myles
Stephanie McIntosh
*New*Taylor Momsen
Taylor Swift
Teresa Palmer
Yvonne Strahovski

Discarded Suggestions:
Kate Hudson
Margot Robbie
Morgan Ackerman
MyAnna Buring
Sienna Miller


15 Comments to “Ana”

  1. After Sophia Myles I can’t vote… Could you check to see if everything is alright???

    Or maybe is my own stupid computer and my super slow Internet that won’t let me vote for the role of “Ana”…

    Anyway… I’ve read the comments and I’ve already added the suggestions on my site… hope you won’t mind…

    Btw, after looking carefully, I think Teresa Palmer has a great potencial as Ana… so I vote “yes” for her… just to let you know ^_^

  2. I can see the poll but can’t vote… I see the pic and the options for “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” but the “Vote” buttom is missing…

    • This is very strange. I can see the vote button, and I checked with Carla and she can also see it.

      I re-entered the poll code, check if you can vote. If you can’t I’ll redo those polls.

  3. I don’t want to give you work…

    Maybe the problem is my idiotic computer that sometimes like to do trick me… I’ll wait till Friday to see if it’s my own fault…

    If it keeps appearing like that, I’ll tell you my votes so you won’t need to redo the polls… 😉

    But thanks anyway… I thought it could be an error and I thought it was better to warn you… ^_^

    • The polls are behaving strangely today. It appears that they are not blocking repeated votes. Could be a problem of polldaddy.

      We’ll wait a day and then see if it goes back to working normal.

  4. and another one:

    Dianna Agron

  5. amana seyfreid? beautiful and delicate? yes, she would make a good ana.

  6. Another list of suggestions:

    * Britt Robertson (also for Creidhe):

    * Elisha Cuthbert (also for Aislinn and Creidhe):

    * Emily Foxler (also for Breda and Aislinn):

    * Heather Graham:

    * Taylor Momsen (also for Breda and Cridhe):

    A small list, hum?? 😉

  7. Another Ana (also Creidhe) – Candice Accola from “The Vampire Diaries”:

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