“The king’s guard, the younger one, Dovran, was a good specimen; broad shoulders, long legs, abundant brown hair.”

“Dovran kept pace; when she glanced up, his handsome face – long, straight nose, fine gray eyes, firm jaw – bore a slightly awkward look.”

From Well of Shades

Last Updated: 4.July.2011

Dave Annable
*New*Jared Padalecki
*New*Jon Prescott
*New*Luke Mitchell

5 Comments to “Dovran”

  1. I found this guy and thought he would be a nice choice as Dovran (as well as Cathaír, dunno why).

    Luke Mitchell:

    • He’s cute. And we are in need of more suggestions both roles (actually, I don’t even know if Cathaír has a page yet). So well done, Ner. 🙂

      • Yes, it is a good suggestion.

        Cathaír doesn’t have a page yet, although he already has some suggestions. The problem with Heart’s Blood characters is that I don’t have the book with me, so I can’t look for descriptions 😦

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