Gossamer and Woodbine


“One pair was luminous, liquid, the owner silver-haired, cobweb gowned, and unmistakably female.”

“It was the other voice, the girl’s, and Tuala thought she could almost see her graceful, airy form among the branches, silver rings and gossamer robes, translucent skin and shimmering hair.”


“The other eyes were round and nut-brown, those of a red-cheeked lad whose whose form was wreathed in leafy creepers and frond of fern. Neither was of human kind.”

From The Dark Mirror

Last Updated: 30.October.2010


*New*Cate Blanchett
*New*Emmy Rossum


Elijah Wood
James McAvoy

7 Comments to “Gossamer and Woodbine”

  1. Ian McKellan as Broichan
    Emmy Rossum as Gossamer
    Cate Blanchett as Gossamer
    Orlando Bloom as Bridei

  2. Okay, so I have two suggestions for Gossamer.
    I can clearly picture this two actresses playing that out-of-this-world character because of their eyes (their so hypnotic and mystical – a bit as I picture Gossamer’s eyes):

    * Cody Kennedy (who knows, with dark hair she could be a nice Tuala :P):

    * Gemma Ward (the same thing… with dark hair, a nice Tuala perhaps):

  3. Wow, Cody is beautiful…she would do great as a lead role female too, any role, just change her hair and she’s ready 😀 As a blonde she looks exactly how I imagine Breda. As a redhead she would be a great Eile (I found this website that allows you to do a makeover on a photo -this is amazing btw-, and I gave her red hair, look: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y16/Eveleen/cody_red-hair.jpg)

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