“There was someone else sitting there as she was someone not so much bigger than herself, gray-robbed, hooded, a quiet, shadowy figure seated a little farther around the bole of the tree, leaning comfortably against a low arch of gnarled roots. Whoever it was had come there without making a sound. Tuala’s scalp prickled. Was it one of the Good Folk, one of those who had left her on Bridei’s doorstep in the middle of the night? Did such one count as a stranger? As she stared, motionless, the figure turned its head to reveal the features of an old woman, not a furrowed, wrinkled kind of a face like Wid’s, but a small, strong sort of countenance with a prominent, beaky nose and dark eyes like polished beads of obsidian.”

From The Dark Mirror

Last updated 26.June.2011

*New*Blair Brown
Helen Mirren

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