“She thought of those eyes: deepest green, mysterious, unfathomable; those hands, long fingered, dexterous, dangerous…”

“He was very still, and very close; if she had reached out a hand she could have touched his hair, hair dark as a crow’s wing, matted and wild. There was a feather in it, shinning green-blue, and a strand of dried weed.”

From Foxmask

Augustus Prew
Bryan Dick
Eddie Redmayne
Garrett Hedlund
Gaspard Ulliel
Hugh Mitchell
Jamie Bell
Jamie Campbell Bower
Jason Berh
Nick Steele
Orlando Bloom
Sam Worthington
Shane West

13 Comments to “Keeper”

  1. Rick Malambri (though a friend of mine said he “screamed” Cathal to her):

  2. He sure did. He’ll never be handsome (say, like Jake xD), but he has something…I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s something. And that something is appealing.

    thx 😀

  3. I always imagined keeper to be more of an island type person for some reason… so along the native indian type look. tribal/primitive. (even though the geography doesnt permit). not caucasian. hey. thats just me

  4. My Keeper is Travis Caldwell ❤

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