[…] that bonny young woman with his dear friend’s butter-yellow hair, his guileless blue eyes, sweet as a cloudless summer sky, his heartbreaking goodness and simplicity.”

From Foxmask

Last Updated: 10.October.2010

Amanda Schull
Anna Popplewell
Aubree Knecht
Charity Wakefield
Grace Bannon
Holly Grainger
Janneke Arent
Jennie Jacques
*New*Jennifer Lawrence
Jessica Marais
Jessie Cave
Joanna Garcia
Kaitlin Doubleday
*New*Laura Prepon
Michelle Williams
Monica Keena
Samara Weaving

Discarded Suggestions:
Olivia Wilde


13 Comments to “Creidhe”

  1. I think Holly Granger is only winning because she’s the only one who is “in character”, you know what I mean? she should be in a normal look, or it isn’t fair…I’m saying this because I googled her, and without that outfit the doesn’t look that Creidhe-ish

    • Yes, you are right. I was working with the photos from the other blog, and as long as they worked, I didn’t bother to look for different ones.

      In that picture she’s loses all her Creidhe look, but in this one she looks a bit more like Creidhe, even though she is not blonde here either

    • I’ve changed it to the one I found. We’ll see if it changes anything. Even if it doesn’t change much, she needed a new picture, she hasn’t looked like that for some time.

  2. the nose of michelle williams is so adorable, i would really love to have a nose like that *~`

    • She’s gorgeous… she would be a nice Creidhe.

      Another list:
      * Britt Robertson (I also thought about Ana):

      * Elisha Cuthbert (also as Aislinn and Ana/Breda – I can easily imagine her playing Aislinn):

      * Taylor Momsen (also as Ana/Breda as well – though she looks too sweet to play Breda):

  3. Saoirse Ronan is looking so pretty these days. Not that she wasn’t before, of course, but now she looks beautiful in a…different way…I can’t quite put my finger on it. As a blonde with clear eyes, she doesn’t look like the “ordinary” blonde.

    Anyway, I’m pitching her for Creidhe, I know she’s already here somewhere, casted for another role:


    She would be great!

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