“His appearance was unsettling, for although his features were above the commonplace in beauty, they were at the same time somehow skewed, as if the two sides of his face were not a perfect match for each other. I noted the red hair, as ill tended and overgrown as his garden, and the fair complexion, flushed by anger. His eyes were of an intense dark blue and as inimical as his voice.”

From Heart’s Blood

Last Updated: 13.February.2011

Aaron Johnson
Aidan Turner
Ben Barnes
Gabriel Aubry
*Not an actor*
*New*Grey Damon
Hayden Christensen
James Franco
James McAvoy
Jamie Bell
Jonathan Groff
Karl Urban
Raphäel Coleman
*for an younger Anluan*
Rupert Friend
Toby Stephens
Trent Ford

14 Comments to “Anluan”

  1. Oh geee…I voted yes for so many, they are all so good looking 😀

    May I suggest Aaron Johnson for this role also? He as a bit of the wounded man look to him

  2. You know what? I’m going to suggest Jamie Bell as Keeper too.

  3. Gabriel Aubry **takes a deep breath**

    I’m very sorry to the other actors but right now Gabriel Aubry won my heart as Anluan 😛

    • Gabriel Aubry looks very good as Anluan. But jen7waters suggestion of Aaron Johnson is starting to grow on me.

      • Sure Aaron is cute and could be a nice Anluan… but not the Anluan I’ve pictured!

        Gabriel Aubry is more close to “my” Anluan although Karl Urban is also very similar to what I imagined the character while reading the book.

        The only one I would hate to see playing Anluan is Ben Barnes… there’s something about him that I just hate… no offense to any fan of Ben present here (just my personal opinion) 😛

  4. From other suggestions for other characters I thought Rupert Friend stood out as a likely Anluan…

  5. Luke Evans (is it just me who thinks he has a stong resemblance with Orlando Bloom???)

  6. Evan Williams (looks like a younger Gabriel Aubry) :

    I was thinking for Drustan as well B-)

  7. Honestly I think of Domhnall Gleeson for Anluan, there is something striking about him.

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