“The child looked up, his gaze moving over Broichan’s face, his dark robe, the oaken staff with its intricate markings, the black hair in its many small plaits tied with colored threads.”

“Broichan turned his dark, impassive eyes on the child.”

From The Dark Mirror

Last Updated: 30.October.2010

Bill Nighy
David Tennant
Donald Sutherland
*New*Ian McKellen
Jeremy Irons
Liam Neeson
Rupert Friend
*younger Broichan*
Sam Elliott
Tommy Flanagan

4 Comments to “Broichan”

  1. Rupert Friend in this picture is almost exactly how I imagine Somerled when he becames ‘king’

  2. I wanted to vote 100x in David Tennant ’cause this is the only role we’ve given him and I would love to see him playing a Marillier’s character… I’m trying to see if there’s any of “Heart’s Blood” character that would fit on him ^_^

  3. Benedict Cumberbatch as Broichan maybe? Though I also have him down as Somerled/Niall

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