“The firm jaw was Maelchon’s; so was the upright stance, the iron will that kept those eyes open for all the pull of sleep, and summoned the memorized words amid the strangeness of this sudden waking to a different world. The sweet blue eyes, the curling brown hair, the little frown, those were Anfreda’s.”

From The Dark Mirror

Last Updated: 4.November.2011

Aaron Johnson
Ben Barnes
Brendan Hines
Chris Pine
Henry Cavill
Hugh Dancy
*New*James Franco
John Reardon
*New*Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Matt Bomer
Orlando Bloom
Patrick Nuo
Peter Paige
Sebastian Stan
Shawn Ashmore
Tom Welling
*New*Travis Caldwell

Discarded Suggestions:
Dylan Neal
Elijah Wood
Jesse Eisenberg
Patrick J. Adams
Paul Walker
Robert Pattinson
Shane West
TJ Thyne
Wes Bentley


5 Comments to “Bridei”

  1. Found it fun as well… and again (I’ve commented it before), I’m finding myself clicking “no” to some of my own suggestions – and it’s not hard to know who I’m clicking “yes” (Henry Cavill is my Bridei, specially in that pic :P)

    • Oh me too, I think I’ve voted more “nos” to my own suggestions – this is, the ones I remember making, because at this point I just remember a couple of them, they’re so many! 😀

  2. Ive always thought of of joseph gorden levitt for Bridei.

    He is so BRIDEI!

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