“Words fled. There was a perfect image of Faolan in her mind, correct in every detail: his strength, his kindness, his courage. His reticence; his wariness. Those things were the essence of the man. But they were not what this girl wanted.”

“Dark hair,” Eile went on. “Medium build, rather forbidding look about him. About Drustan’s age, but he looks older.[…]
“Maybe I overlooked him,” said the girl lightly.

From The Well of Shades

Last updated: 9.January.2012

Aidan Turner
Alex O’Loughlin
Ben Whishaw
*New*Blair Redford
Charlie Cox
Clint James
Colin Farrell
Daniel Day Lewis
*if he still looked like this*
Daniel Gillies
Dave Annable
Diego Luna
Emile Hirsch
Emun Elliott
*New*Eoin Macken
*New*Garrett Hedlund
*New*Gaspard Ulliel
Henry Cavill
Henry Ian Cusick
Jack Huston
Jake Gyllenhaal
James Callis
*New*James Franco
*New*Jamie Dornan
Jared Leto
*New*Jared Padalecki
Joe Manganiello
*New*Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Marc-André Grondin
*New*Michael Fassbender
Milo Ventimiglia
Nick Steele
Peter Facinelli
*New*Rodrigo Santoro
*New*Ryan Kennedy
Santiago Cabrera
Shiloh Fernandez
Stephen Dorff
Stephen Moyer
*New*Tom Ellis
Tuomas Holopainen
*not an actor*
Viggo Mortensen
*New*Wes Ramsey
*New*Zachary Levi

Discarded Suggestions:
Ben Affleck
David Boreanaz
Enrique Murciano
Gary Barlow
Patrick Flueger
Ryan Reynolds
Sam Rockwell
Thomas Kretschmann


33 Comments to “Faolan”

  1. Dear quigui,

    Love your work, but there’s something I have to get out of my chest: It is most unfair to put Prince Jake Gyllenhaal (same goes for Charlie “Tristan” Cox) shirtless like that in a poll…I think my finger clicks “yes”, “yes”, “freaking yeees!!” without me even noticing what’s the poll for.

    Sincerely yours,


    • Dear Jen7waters,

      Thank you for praising my work. I’m sorry you find that the pictures in the polls are trying to gather votes by their state of shirtlessness, that wasn’t my intention. I’ll try to find more sensible photos, although I fear it will take the joy out of the page.

      Yours sincerely

  2. May I humbly suggest that in the future you put all of them in the same shirtlessness condition? I can assure you I would find that situation most fair.

    • All changed now. I will try to keep them all in the same state of undress, but it will be hard to find pictures of all of them shirtless.

      (Truth be told, I was trying to keep them all decent, but there were so many suggestions for Faolan that I didn’t have the time to go look for better pictures. Charlie Cox was actually decent, but I do agree that that picture makes you want to click yes)

  3. NOOOOOOO, YOU DID WHAT?? XD (Oh but I do love that pic of Charlie…he looks quite Faolan-ish)

    • That’s why I put it there. Now he will have even more votes! Mwahahahaha!

      Also, if you click the image, you get the old one (for Charlie Cox, only)

      • Of course it’s does not matter which picture of Prince Jake you or anyone chooses, it’ll always be unfair for the rest, those puppy eyes of his always get what they want. He could be president if he wished.

  4. Why?! Why did you take the shirtless pic of Jake??? That was the exactly how I’ve pictured Faolan (oh my…)… Have to admit that it was only after watching “Prince Of Persia” and the shirtless scenes of him that I had suggested him 😛

    I’m confused… You’ve added Charlie Cox as a suggestion for Faolan for the poll or did someone suggested him on FB and I didn’t noticed?! I actually enjoyed the suggestion, nevertheless… have to change the site… ^_^

    This must have been the hardest poll ever once Faolan is my favourite character and the hardest one to find a decent actor, although we have some pretty good choices.

    I’m glad you left the pic of Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) ’cause he does look very Faolan-ish (using Carla’s words)


  5. Bless you Marta for that amazing page dedicated to the “shirtless Faolan”… had a hard time taking my eyes off certain suggestions – Jake being the hardest of them 😛

    And if had, indeed, added a poll, I think Jake would win (I would certainly vote 100x yes for him) xD

    • I imagined that, if that page had polls, the results would be more about the hotness of the actor than the suitability for the role. But it was a fun page to make 😀

  6. I just saw a movie with this guy, Daniel Gillies, and thought: why not…

  7. I can’t wait until these books are getting made into film. I still read Sevenwaters & Bridei chronicles every half year or so. I do believe the actors should be not to famous. It wouldn’t take the film to another level. It would take it down I think. And when the story is being told, the main characters are around 18 years so the actors should be as old or just a little older.

  8. Tom Ellis:
    http://image.com.com/tv/images/processed/default/f9/3a/332770.jpg (sorry that he’s “dressed up” in this pic, I couldn’t find a good “real” one)

    also, Eoin Macken should be here (he’s casted for Cathal, I think) – http://www.theatticstudio.net/profileimages/Eoin_Macken/Eoin_Macken_image3.jpg

    • You’ve been watching “Merlin”, haven’t you Carla?? 😛

      I was going to suggest Eoin Macken as Faolan but you did it before me ^_^

      As for Tom Ellis, nice one. When I saw him I remembered to write his name on a paper to suggest him as Faolan (or Cathal) but then I forgot *blushes*.

      I thought about Jared Padalecki for Faolan but for me he has more of a Dovran vibe (dunno why though :S):

  9. I love this poll thing!
    I have always thought of faolon as maybe James Franco or joseph gorden levitt. I thought of these two for bridei too. I imagine them looking quite similar, but faolon a bit more strong/tough cause he has been through a lot in life! You should put these two up

    • That Wyatt from “Charmed” 😛

      Do you think Rodrigo Santoro would be a nice Faolan??

      • I never watched Charmed, but Wes looks the part with that hair and beard, so 😀

        I certainly couldn’t say “no” to Santoro, but I’m afraid he is too good looking for the part, but I suppose the make-up wizards could work their magic on him a bit(a lot). But the accent would be a tough cookie…I have never heard a brazilian speak without a trace of accent (even though I reckon he did a great job in Love Actually, but he had little dialogue), and I’m not saying they can’t, just that it looks like it’s really difficult. Dunno, he certainly looks GREAT with a beard :D~

      • BTW, he’s a good suggestion for Duarte! (again, had to lose the accent)

        • You two are on fire 😀 Santoro as Faolan, to me, has the problem of the accent. But I could live with a Duarte with a slight brazilian accent (After all, at the time the novel takes place we were all the same :D)

        • Well done quigui! Didn’t even think of that, in fact, he could speak with a mix of accents, since that pirate has probably been everywhere. And Santoro does look cocky…I might just start liking Duarte, but just a tiny little bit!

        • Didn’t though of that… He would be a very nice Duarte indeed 😉

  10. I accidentally stumbled upon your website and I really had a good time looking at all the pictures you put up for the various characters in Juliet Marillier’s books. Great job!

    Just like a lot of other people I have to say my favourite Marillier character is Faolan, so I was interested to see what kind of pictures you’d come up with. He’s just the kind of character that all women would like to ‘save’. I agree, it’s pretty hard to find a suitable actor that fits the part. Not a lot of actors would go ‘unnoticed in a crowd’ if you know what I mean.

    You say there’s no real description of Faolon in the books, other than that he is of average length with a slim and athlectic posture, has dark hair and dark eyes and looks older than his age. And at some points he is referred to as ‘handsome’ and ‘pretty boy’.

    However, I think the best description comes from Eile in the Well of Shades (mind you, I read the Dutch translation, so this is re-translation from Dutch):

    “She had a perfectly detailed image of Faolan in her head: his strength, his goodness, his courage. His reserve, his wariness. These were the most important things about him. But that was not what this girl [Breda] wanted to hear”.

    I don’t really have any other suggestions for you as far as actors are concerned. Just try finding pics where the actors are not smiling, but just look broodily into the camera 😉

    • You are absolutely right about the “unnoticed in a crowd” part. Actors are usually very noticeable, and since we all love Faolan, we all want the most good looking (and best) actor to play his part 🙂

      Thanks for your (re)translation. I found myself having a similar problem, but with only having the books in Portuguese. I will probably end up buying the English version as well. I’ll try to find that description on Amazon browse-inside and if I can’t find it, I’ll put yours 🙂

      And thanks a lot for your comment 😀


  12. LEE PACE!!! Lee Pace as Faolan!!!

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