“There was one among these warriors who caught Nessa’s eye. He seemed young, though he was as tall and broad as the biggest of them; he had hair of butter-yellow that curled around his ears.”

“The man with the axe and the blue eyes was watching his leader, and did not seem to notice her.”

From Wolfskin

Last Updated: 10.September.2011

Alan Ritchson
Alex Pettyfer
*New*Alexander Ludwig
*New*Ben Foster
*New*Bradley James
Chad Michael Murray
Charlie Hunnam
Chris Carmack
Chris Hemsworth
Christopher Egan
Hunter Parrish
Jensen Ackles
Justin Hartley
*New*Justin Zabinski
*not an actor*
*New*Lloyd Jones
*not an actor*
Lucas Till
Mike Vogel
Patrick J. Adams
Paul Walker
Randy Harrison
*New*William Moseley
*New*Zac Efron

Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger would have been perfect for this role. Unfortunately he can’t play it now. All the same, you can vote on this suggestion:





Discarded Suggestions:
David Paetkau
Mitch Hewer


13 Comments to “Eyvind”

  1. Heath Ledger would be the best choice in my point of view… I would vote a 100x “yes” for him. It’s so sad what happened to him. He was a great actor ^_^

  2. My favorites so far: Pettyfer, Vogel and of course, Heath’s look-alike Christopher Egan.

  3. **again, candy-man ALERT**

    Hunter Parrish:

  4. My mum thinks figure skating Lloyd Jones would be a nice Eyvind… at least, she told me she pictured him that way (with more muscles and a bit older)

    Sorry but I couldn’t find a better pic, this was the only one I found where he wasn’t skating with his pair and all 😉

  5. Alexander Ludwig:

  6. Ben Foster:

  7. Definitely Justin Zabinski as my Eyvind!

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