“The heat from the stove had flushed her cheeks pink, and her dark eyes were fixed on me, with an assessing look. Tonight she was wearing dove gray, with her spectacles on a chain around her neck and her brown curls disciplined into a neat plait.”

From Wildwood Dancing

Last Updated: 3.October.2011

Abigail Breslin
*New*Alexia Fast
Alix Wilton Regan
Amanda Leighton
Amelia Warner
*New*Anne Hathaway
*New*Annie Unnold
*New*Annie Winfree
*New*Bella Heathcote
*New*Bethany Joy Galeotti
Brooke Williams
*New*Chloe Moretz
Dakota Blue Richards
Emily Browning
Emma Roberts
Emmy Rossum
Gemma Arterton
Georgie Henley
*New*Kacey Rohl
Katlin Mastandrea
*New*Lucinda Dryzek
*New*Lucy Griffiths
Lyndsy Fonseca
*New*Mia Wasikowska
*New*Ophelia Lovibond
Rose Byrne
*New*Talulah Riley
*New*Tamsin Egerton

Discarded Suggestions:
Danielle Panabaker
Leighton Meester
Michelle Trachtenberg
Natalie Portman
Odette Yustman
Rebecca Mozo

6 Comments to “Paula”

  1. I have two “already mentioned” actresses for the role of Paula and Jena… But I’ll leave them here, alright?

    * Tamsin Egerton (who we casted as Tati) – with blonde hair she could be a nice Jena/Paula:

    * Talulah Riley (who we casted as Tati as well) – again, other actress that with blonde hair could be a nice Jena/Paula:

    • They could also be good for Paula and Jena, but no need for the blond hair. Paula and Jena have brown hair, even though in the covers they seem blonde.

      • I’m always forgetting that… everytime I speak about Paula or Jena I see the covers instead of seeing them as Juliet wrote them in the book (I blame the covers) :S

        I have other suggestion for Paula:
        * Charlotte Wessels – the lead singer from “Delain” – I think she’s so cute and pretty close to my idea of Paula:

  2. I always thought Anne Hathaway would make a very charming Paula. I mean, Paula is so proud all the time –I think Anne would be able to portray the pride quite endearingly.



    pretty, studious, and very adorably serious =)

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