“As for the second man, he was tall, she could see that as the two of them released their and, in a flurry of agile limbs, circled and came to grips once more. The second man was graceful, wide of shoulder and narrow of waist, long legged and supple in his movements. He was quick; his skill in ducking and weaving kept him out of Deord’s powerful grip until he was ready for him. This man had a strong-boned face that seemed vaguely familiar. The skin was unmarked; he bore neither kin signs nor battle-counts. Like Deord he was clean-shaven, but had a head of luxuriant hair the tawny hue of an eagle’s feathers, or sun on autumn oaks, or the pelt of a red fox. His eyes were bright; whether it was the fair morning, or his enjoyment of the fine sport, or whether he was a man naturally give to laughter, those eyes captured all the brilliance of the dawn, rendering his features radiant with light. Ana had to remind herself to breathe. He was, quite simply, the most beautiful thing she had ever set eyes upon.”

From Blade of Fortriu

Last Updated: 16.April.2011

Aaron Johnson
*New*Benno Fürmann
Charlie Weber
David Wenham
Garrett Hedlund
Gregory Smith
*New*Grey Damon
*New*Jamie Campbell Bower
James Franco
John Reardon
Kyle Schmid
*New*Michael Fassbender
Taylor Kitsh

Discarded Suggestions:
Andy Whitfield
Anton Yelchin
Bryan Greenberg
Rupert Friend


5 Comments to “Drustan”

  1. For pete’s sake: Kyle Schmid!

  2. Kyle Schmid of course… I don’t need to vote on the others… a 100 times Kyle 😛

  3. I suggest Benno Fürmann!

  4. Please consider Travis Fimmel to play the part of Drustan.

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