“At closer quarters, her Greek descent was more evident. It was in the patrician nose with its slight downturn and the confident carriage. Her sloe-dark eyes were rimmed in artful black. Her brows had been expertly shaped.”

From Cybele’s Secret

Last Updated: 5.July.2011

*New*Brooke Shields
Elizabeth Berkley
Julianna Margulies
Kelly Preston
Lena Olin
*New*Natalia Worner
Olivia Williams
Rachel Weisz
Saffron Burrows
*New*Sarah Parish

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7 Comments to “Irene”

  1. It’s really difficult not to say “yes” to everyone of them, they all look perfect to me as Irene 😮

  2. Sarah Parish:

    I also think she would be a great Lady Oonagh.
    And, I know it’s weird, but everytime I read “Heart’s Blood”, she’s what I pictured Emer looking like 😛

    • Thanks for all your suggestions (right now I have limited access to the internet, it has been hard to comment on all suggestions).

      I’ll have to make a page for Emer (of course she deserves one!)

  3. Natalia Worner (Ellen from “The Pillars of the Earth”):

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