“His dark curls had been cropped short; he was freshly shaven and he wore a plain white shirt, a waistcoat embroidered with ivy twists, and dark green trousers with riding boots. He looked just as good as he had in my dreams. The green eyes were cool and the mobile mouth unsmiling as he came up to me.”

From Wildwood Dancing

Last updated: 28.October.2011

Adam Brody
Adrian Grenier
*New*Beau Mirchoff
Bryce Langston
Charlie Cox
*New*Chris Massoglia
*New*Chris Pine
*New*Colton Haynes
*New*Cristian Nistor
*New*Daniel Radcliffe
Drew Fuller
Gael Garcia Bernal
Jackson Rathbone
Jonathan Groff
Jonathan Jackson
Josh Peck
*New*Justin Chatwin
*New*Max Irons
*New*Oliver Goodwill
Rami Malek
*New*Rodrigo Guirao Diaz
Rupert Friend
Tobey Maguire
Tom Payne
*New*Trevor Blumas

And as a joke:

Discarded Suggestions:
Andrew Lee Potts
Jesse Metcalfe
Patrick Fugit
Peter Facinelli


10 Comments to “Costi”

  1. **candy-man alert**

    Colton Haynes:

  2. green eyes specially those deep green ones are very unique and very attractive. i really love those “:;

  3. I have two (though there’s no green eyes but bright/blue eyes – that’s why there’s contact lenses nowadays, isn’t it?? :P):

    * Chris Massoglia:

    And the very obvious choice (for me, of course)
    * Daniel Radcliffe (HP also have green eyes in the book though Dan has blue eyes – seriously, can I marry his blue eyes???):

    • Chris is extremely cute (I think it’s the nose xD) I have a felling he’s already here somewhere, or maybe I’m mistaking him for someone else. But yes, very, very cute.

      LOL Ner, I think you can. If their answer to your proposal is “yes”. Why don’t you ask them? Like this: Dan’s blue eyes, will you two marry me?
      Be sure to come back to let us know the answer!

      • LOL I’ll ask them if I can marry them. I hope they say yes 😛

        I have another one – Justin Chatwin (I also think he could be a nice Sean, dunno why):

  4. well, I suggest Oliver Goodwill, the guy from Evanescence’s clip Call me When You’re Sober.

    c’mon, admit: you girls would love to have a frog turned into THAT prince charming…

  5. Richard Madden

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