“I took a deep breath and looked up at him. A long way up. He stood head and shoulders over the others Father had interviewed and was, quite frankly, the most intimidating-looking young man I had seen in my life. His eyes were of an unusual yellowish green shade and had an intensity that suggested he was poised to attack. His face was broad, with well-defined cheekbones and a strong jaw, and his complexion was winter-pale. A jagged scar ran from the outer corner of his right eye down to his chin. His dark hair was thick and wayward; an attempt to discipline it into a plait had not been entirely successful. He was of athletic build, the shoulders broad, the arms bulging with muscle.”

From Cybele’s Secret

Last updated: 12.December.2011

Brandon Routh
Brendan Fehr
Charlie Weber
*New*Chris Hemsworth
*New*Daniel Cudmore
Eric Bana
Jared Leto
Jason Berh
*New*Jason Momoa
Lucas Babin
Nick Steele
*New*Paul Telfer
Rupert Friend
*New*Ryan Kennedy
*New*Sean Faris
Taylor Kitsh
Tom Welling
Trent Ford

Discarded Suggestions:
John Reardon


12 Comments to “Stoyan”

  1. There you go quigui, Booth’s brother, Brendan Fehr (with long hair and everything), great suggestion:

  2. Sean Faris:

    ups!!I’m sorry! wrong picture (xD ahahah) – here’s the “right” one:

    and also, Daniel Cudmore (huge guy…maybe a bit old for the role…not sure):

  3. taylor kitsch is both beautiful, intimidating and very muscular. [=

  4. maybe chris hemsworth ? of course with dark hair.

  5. Just a suggestion… Paul Telfer

  6. Thanks…
    For me Paul Telfer is just like I imagine Stoyan, he has everything, the great body, the sweat/scary face and even the yellowish green eyes.

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