[…] a man I had not seen last night, a large, square-jawed individual with knives at his belt and a heavy axe slung on his back. He had on a worn but well-cared-for leather breastplate over practical garments of wool; it was the garb of a warrior. His hair was more grey than fair, and hung to his shoulders in thick twisted locks.”

From Heart’s Blood

Last Updated: 13.February.2011

*New*Grant Bowler
Hugh Laurie
Jon Hamm
Liam Neeson
Linus Roache
*New*Ray Stevenson
Robert Glenister
Tim Roth

11 Comments to “Magnus”

  1. A friend of mine suggested:
    a) Gary Sinise:

    b) J.K. Simmons:

    I admitt, I like Gary though I pictured Magnus slightly older… a bit of make-up would work ^_^

  2. Although he has been already suggested as Lord Collum… what about Mark Harmon as Magnus??


  3. Okay… so, I have another potential Magnus – Liam Cunningham

  4. Another Magnus (okay, I’ve just realised I really like to “find” actors for Magnus :P) – Sebastian Roché:

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