He was a startlingly attractive man, lean and tall, his dark hair caught back with a ribbon, his eyes sparkling with mischief in a face like that of a fine Greek statue, only with considerably more character.

From Cybele’s Secret

Last updated: 12.December.2011

Albano Jerónimo
Diogo Morgado
Eric Bana
Gael Garcia Bernal
*New*Isaac Alfaiate
*New*Johnny Depp
Jorge Corrula
José Fidalgo
Marco Almeida
*New*Paul Bettany
*New*Rodrigo Santoro

Discarded Suggestions:
Ivo Canelas


13 Comments to “Duarte”

  1. So I was watching tv the other day, and saw this guy, (he is an actor) Isaac Alfaiate. In a way he reminds me of Rodrigo Santoro, but he’s portuguese:

    he looks very cocky and pirate-ish, would do a great Duarte – I think 😀

    • Isaac Alfaiate as Duarte???
      Didn’t thought of him before… always thought he looked a bit younger for the role – I pictured Duarte a little bit older than Isaac perhaps 😉

      But, it’s a good option nevertheless. Plus, he’s Portuguese and in those pics he does indeed resemble Santoro 😛

      • Yes, he looks younger than the Duarte I picture in my mind too (I always see him in his early 30s). But he looks the part: tall, tanned, lean, funny, (sexy, hot, handsome) always full of himself, looks great with long hair and a few days stubble, and I know he can play an annoying guy. 😀 I’m glad you approve!

  2. I think we are kind of missing the obvious here:

    Sure, he isn’t Portuguese, but if we can have Johnny as Duarte, then who cares 😀

  3. He would need long hair like he had as Dustfinger from Inkheart, make it dark hair: get rid of the scars and stubble. Then you have a great Duarte, Paul Bettany. He certainly seems to have Duarte’s attitude.

  4. http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTC2pPfrEoCjdEPcoX2UXbMSIc9J9RbXkpfsCE2fnlfOxV5abZT

    He’s not Portuguese, but I think this would be a great Duarte; he definitely has the attitude for the role.

  5. How about Eoin Macken? He’s Irish, but looks exactly like I pictured Duarte. The attitude seems to be there as well.

  6. If you eer watch Once Upon a Time, the actor who plays Captain Hook looks a lot like I imagined Duarte would. He’s plenty cocky enough for the role too! 🙂

    His name’s Colin O’ Donoghue:

  7. I recoment Gaspard Ulliel in the movie Jacquou le Croquant where he has a ponytail and even though it’s not in a pirate atmosphere the clothing he wears could easily pass by one. Aside the blue eyes (imagine them dark) he has the figure, the features, the hair, the smirk and kinda the atitude for who knows the movie

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