“He looked down the temple toward the great assembly of folk, and straight into a pair of eyes so dark, so piercingly intense that his heart seemed to grow still a moment, then lurch painfully back into life. His mind had been on Thor, and blood, and sacrifice, and for a moment he had thought—but no, this was only a boy, a lad of his own age or maybe younger, who stood among the richly dressed entourage of the nobleman, Ulf. But how he stared. He looked at Eyvind as a starving wolf gazes at a man across the wayside fire, wary, fascinated, dangerous. The boy was pale and thin, his brown hair straggling unplaited, his mouth a line. His features were unremarkable save for those feral eyes. “

From Wolfskin

Last updated 19.June.2011

Ben Whishaw
*New*Carter Jenkins
Christian Cooke
Christopher Sowers
Cillian Murphy
*New*Colin Morgan
Dalton O’Dell
Daniel Bruehl
*New*Ethan Hawke
*older Somerled
Ethan Peck
Garrett Hedlund
Hans Matheson
Harry Lloyd
Hayden Christensen
Hugh Dancy
Ian Somerhalder
*New*James Franco
James Lafferty
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Julian Morris
Luke Grimes
Patrick Flueger
Paul Bettany
Rupert Friend
Thomas Dekker
*New*Wes Bentley

Discarded Suggestions:
Dean Lennox Kelly
Jacob Kogan
Jake Thomas
Liam Aiken
Sam Worthington
Shane West


6 Comments to “Somerled”

  1. Ian Somerhalder a million times YES

  2. As an older Somerled: Ethan Hawke:

  3. as one of Somerled’s half a million descendants, i think you should consider Tom Araya to play an older Somerled. looks just like him to me.

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